In recent years, to meet the needs of people in practice, only a single BTG without fuel converter has been used — «Testatika». According to [Marinov, 1993], it was built by the head of the small Christian community Methernitha (near Bern) in Switzerland, P. Bauman. The idea came to him during his fourth year in prison in 1978, apparently as a revelation. The prison buried the installation of J. R. Searle, but gave birth to the installation of Bauman. First, a 200 W converter was built with one rotating disk and a manual drive (see Fig.), Then a two-disk (disc diameter 50 cm) 3 kW converter weighing 20 kg with manually launched disks in opposite directions. According to [Avramenko, 1994], this Testatika unit is a combination of an electrostatic motor with an electrostatic machine.

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